Snowberry Lakes Ltd
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Snowberry Lakes Limited is a non-profit making company established for the sole purpose of maintaining and developing fishing and the environment at the Snowberry Lakes complex.

In order that we can maintain an appropriate level of exclusivity and also prevent over-use of the property, fishing is restricted to a maximum of twenty-four people per year, starting in June.

Much of this limit is reserved for founder members of the Company, known as Shareholders. Other people are from time to time invited to join as Guest Members who are permitted to fish for one year. 

On rare occasions, a single share becomes available which, following purchase, entitles the owner to fish at a reduced rate and to take a larger role in the running of the company. A share is a commercial item with no fixed value, therefore no indication can be provided to costs. Usually, shares are offered to existing Shareholders and Guest Members before being publicly advertised.

Due to an unprecendented interest in Snowberry Lakes, we regret to inform you that we are no longer accepting any applications to join membership of our syndicate. We will update this message should the situation change.
Sorry, but membership applications are currently closed