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See my photo of "THE" Big Cat.

It occurred to me while sitting shaking after its return that not too long ago this would have been a British Record...pity we dont have one anymore. Looks like the carp record will go the same way. Importation of continental fish being responsible for this of course.

This Big Cat is over 65 years old, and was originally in Woburn, then a few years in Claydon, then into Snowberry over 63 years ago.
Jack still has the paper work for this fish.
I hooked it about 11pm, and thought once again it had snagged me...I placed the rod back on the rest, but no movement, so I pointed the rod at it and walked back a couple of paces, and it moved. I believe it had just been sulking on the bottom. After this it was not too long a fight, and I managed to get it into the net, by getting its head over the spreader block and slackening off slightly, they, like eels can swim backwards as fast as forward so it just reversed into the net.
My guest Roger, was summoned to do the photographs...and was told, he does not have much luck with cameras, but as you can see the pictures are great. He also could not believe the size of the fish...

We weighed it on the Fox Digitals and I was amazed when it settled at 46lb 5ozs.
Once again it fell to the good old Tutti Fruiti, no need for fishmeal or stinky old liver baits with this one. 
Surprisingly it had no sign of previous captures, no rigs, or hooks...and considering it must have broken one or two of us this year alone, shows they can get rid of rigs.
What a creature, and its age does not weary it...
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